Everything I’ve Ever Wanted I Already Have in the Richness of My Imagination

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We live in a world of duality, a reflection of the separation of the two hemispheres of our brain- right and left, yin and yang, feminine and masculine, surrender and action. Enlightenment is merging both into the sacred union allowing us to be the creators that we came here to be to imagine a life of our own choosing into existence. We’re meant to be playing and having fun, we just forgot how powerfully creative we already are.

Thoughts Are Things: Harnessing the Power of Our Minds Through Imagination & Visualization

Our natural state is to play. Look at kiddies, making up stories and seeing a world that to us isn’t there. I remember once having a funeral for a dolphin lol Our imaginations are vast and using them, harnessing their power, is the first step to creating a life that we desire to live.

But, our mind power may be weak because it’s been a while since we’ve effectively used it. The brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised to be strong. Certain actions like watching tv, having fun but mindless chatter over a glass of wine, are like junk food for the brain. They make it sluggish and lazy. But other actions like meditation, focusing, visualization are like a work out for your brain.

Baby Steps

When I first started meditating, my brain literally hurt in my third eye area just like your quads or abs hurt after a workout. But just because something hurts or is too hard doesn’t mean we should stop. How would we develop any of the skills that we have if we gave up? The Compound Effect is an amazing book that speaks to the benefits of developing simple habits that compound over time, leading us to huge results with very little effort. It’s really a matter of five minutes a day and building on it slowly because a new healthy habit have the power to change our entire lives.

Mufasa Said It Best: Remember Who You Are

A little while ago I wrote about playing for the team that you want to win. We’re either a victim to our circumstances, powerless, feeling sorry for ourselves and scoring on our own nets destined to never amount to anything beyond what we already are. Or, we’re creators- self aware of our own power to choose a life we desire by investing into ourselves.

Just like we’re genetically predisposed to the DNA of our parents and ancestors, we’re also made up of a spark of the Universal Love that we came from. We’ve been playing it small because we forget who our real parents are. At our core, we too are Love, powerful, beautiful beings. When we remember this and honour this, we raise our standards and revere ourselves in the highest esteem.

It Begins With Having A Healthy Relationship With Ourselves 

A couple years ago when my partnership ended and my beloved best friend crossed over, I had to master surrendering. I didn’t yet have a healthy relationship with myself and I looked to the external world to keep me here. I know she left at a time when she knew I was strong enough to be here on my own. It was terrifying because I felt like a pendulum hovering in space without any grounding. I was constantly tested by the worst quality of people. I had to learn how to come home to myself. Independence. How to be my own best friend. I was a stranger to myself, and not willing to go the distance and make the effort for a stranger. To have the will to push through all of the resistance that keeps us small and trapped, we need to harness that fierce loving energy that we would feel for our child, animal, best friend. We need to feel that for ourselves.

Spending time alone with the tv on or reading a book doesn’t count. Imagine yourself as two people- how much of a connection would you develop with that other person with distractions all around. Connection comes from listening to yourself, quality time, self pleasuring, doing nice things for yourself, acknowledging the efforts that you make, gratitude- all of the things that you would do for your partner to feel loved.

And when you begin to develop this relationship, you acknowledge the value and worth that you have. This is where true confidence comes from. You believe in yourself. When someone talks shit about you, it no longer resonates like it used to. You know you’re not perfect but you do know that you’re worthy. You see your spark and you’re a beautiful little human.

When We’re Going Through A Difficult Time, or Having a Bad Day, We Need To Start By Clearing

When challenges arise, the victim says poor me. The creator asks, where’s the opportunity? What’s the lesson? How can I show up as the best version of myself? The creator chooses to respond in a way that’s for the highest good of all, rather than reacting in a way that perpetuates fear and lack. The creator knows that they are the master of their emotions- they decide how they want to feel.

Self awareness is key. Sometimes we wake up feeling the weight of anger, sadness, depression, shame, fear- all of those patterns that keep us trapped in the victim archetype.

But the creators notices and says, “I’m going to change my state. I’m not going to spend my day feeling this way.” And there are probably different ways of doing this, but this is how I do it.

Changing Our State- From Victim to Creator

I sit in meditation, either at home in isolation or outside in the sun- depending on what intuitively best serves me at that time. I listen to my body. I asked it, what’s up? I don’t analyze or try to make sense of it, I just allow myself to feel everything deeply. There’s resistance- I surrender into that. I might cry, make noises, definitely breathing deeply. I am super focused on holding space for my body and spirit. This is where you need strength of mind to focus.

I’ll start to intuitively move into different yin yoga postures. Holding there and allowing the energy to release. After doing this for years now I can feel the release and transformation. The old emotions pour out of me into the earth to be transformed. And for some reason, I have no idea why, it’s really painful! Something about moving forward into the new and leaving the old behind. We hold a lot in our cells and it’s like an energetic detox. I have to surrender into it, trust the process, trust myself, and trust the outcome, until it changes, and it always does, and I feel better, expansive, lighter, happier.

Now We’re Ready To Create: Feeling Gratitude To Raise Your Vibe

In this place, I start by attuning myself to a high frequency. I loooove the frequency of gratitude. It feels expansive, supportive, loving, kind and nurturing. When I tap into the energy of gratitude is when I feel the most creative. I feel like I’m in flow with the universe. I feel my divinity. How supported I am in this world because I am the one supporting me and if I am divine then I can and will always have everything that I’ve ever desired. I am always taken care of because I am always taking care of myself. The universe has my back because I am the universe and I’m so incredibly grateful for this and for everything.

Every self help book or program we read from Napoleon Hill to Tony Robbins to Mama Gena says you need to say your gratitudes. But to say them is futile. We need to feeeeel them deeeeeply. And it’s not as tedious as one may think because once we feel how incredibly good they feel, it’s completely addictive! When I first started this process, and even still from time to time, the feeling of gratitude is so overwhelming that it turns me into a blubbering mess.

It helps to have a gratitude journal and as your write them down, feel your energy expand. Notice yourself get happier and happier. When I do this at the park, the dogs always come to me and give me their toys to play with them lol. Such cute, innocent little babes. Animals sense energy so it’s a great confirmation that it’s working. When I feel filled up, high, excited, and connected then I flow into my visualizations.

Everything I’ve Ever Wanted I Already Have in the Richness of My Imagination

The world that we currently reside in, is one reality. But we need to understand that our thoughts, imagination, and visualizations create alternate realities that are different, but just as real as this one. A spirit exists in another reality, and just because we’re not in that reality doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Sometimes it crosses over into ours, and sometimes we cross over into theirs, which is how they are sometimes visible. Thoughts are things. They exist in other realities and the more we energize them, the more likely they are to manifest into this reality.

The best way to energize our imagination, aka image maker, is to experience what we desire with all of our senses. Not sure what you desire? Think of those you’re jealous of- what do they have that you wish you had?? Imagine the noises you would hear, flavours you would taste, textures you would touch with your hands, and notice all the details and colours you would see. Allow your emotions to be activated. You are there right now in your imagination, how would you naturally feel? If it’s your fantasy you’d probably be ecstatic! Balance both the small things that you’ve had before that are easy to visualize like cookie dough ice-cream, with the big adventures of African Safaris and running your own empire. The more details the better. Get so blissed out that you’re grinning from ear to ear.

Escape this reality and travel to another that exists just as much as this one. And feel that gratitude that everything you have ever desired is here right now. It’s already yours. Trust that because you are Diving Essence and you get to create everything you’ve ever desired because it’s what we’re here to do. It’s time to have fun and create a world that is rich with desire.

It’s Selfish Not To

I have a sense that you may be thinking that to desire more than we already have as spoiled North Americans is selfish. I think that it’s selfish not to. We’re here to be the best versions of ourselves, light ourselves up from within so that by healing the duality within us, we heal the external world. The external world is a reflection of the internal world. We need to step into our Mastery and Creator  energy first, become independent, to then become interdependent. Harmony depends on us. We need to fill up our glass first. We need to first fulfill our desires, to then realize we don’t need them at all, but we do have the power and spark of divinity to heal the duality within us and create a Utopian Bliss.

Getting Excited About Life and Overcoming Procrastination

It was brought to my awareness recently that in my rush to create more for myself, I was turning my life into a series of chores that need to get done. But as we know, it’s the journey, not the destination. Achieving a goal may bring us happiness but only temporarily. It’s the satisfaction that comes from accomplishments along the way that bring us fulfillment. But we don’t always appreciate these sometimes menial tasks as small accomplishments towards our desires. We lose sight of why we’re doing what we’re doing- the bigger picture, and life starts to lack it’s lustre a little bit more each time. It’s Saturday night and I’m at home writing this post. I could easily think of all the other ways I could be having fun, or I could feel genuinely excited that I’m choosing to stay home and write because it’s a small victory towards creating a life that inspire others to fulfil their highest potential as I fulfil my own. Playing Janga with pals, while fun, doesn’t quite have that same impact.

I’m currently taking a course on Tantra that requires me to do daily exercises. My initial response was, ugh, homework and reluctantly bullying and coaxing myself into doing the exercises, like forcing myself to meditate is really going to bring me any closer to enlightenment. But how often do we do this in life! We may dread working out to achieve our ideal bodies, or we’ll be excited to get a new project or client until we have to do the work. It doesn’t make any sense! We want these things, why aren’t we more excited to do the tasks that will get us there?

Consider this. We have the freedom and sovereignty to desire anything- any dream, and the power to make it happen for ourselves. Feel into this. This is incredibly exciting!

It’s easy to focus on the fear, the bumps we’ll hit along the way, the ways we’ve gotten hurt and disappointed in the past. Struggles will always show up because this existence is one of duality. But if we only focus on the bad, then this is all we’ll see.

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We need to focus on the big picture. Focus on our visions with complete gratitude that we get to have these visions and that they’re just on the other side of coming true for us. Fully savour this experience. We’re getting exactly what we want and we’re making it happen for ourselves. This is powerful.

Sometimes we need to remember there’s delayed gratification, where the benefit from doing something will come tenfold when we hold out a little longer. Or, if we do try something and decide we don’t actually want it, then we have the power to change course. How empowering that we get to make these choices. We’re in control of our own lives. Depression stems from feeling out of control, and being productive rather than procrastinating can be difficult when we’ve lost focus. But instead of accepting that everything feels like a drag, let’s intend everything we do as a step towards what we desire, and feel the excitement that accompanies that.

The Importance of Having a Support Group

When diagnosed with an ailment, you are teamed with specialists, doctors, therapists- everyone deemed necessary to help rehabilitate you to good health. Amazing. A support group so you don’t have to go through it alone.

When we look at the aspects of our lives- Spiritual, Relationship, Career, Fun, Health, Money, Personal Growth, and Physical Envionment- we could identify some as healthier than others. We may have a life coach, a therapist, or a few good friends helping us, but for the most part we’re usually a lone wolf forging our ways through the wilderness of this sometimes very confusing and mysterious world.

There is a power in being in a community:

– People hold you accountable to you goals.
– People inspire you with their own dreams, pushing you to reach further, go bigger.
– The connections and networking opportunities you receive when widening your inner circle.
– The support. People encourage you and remind you that you can do it, you already are.
– People to celebrate your successes with.
– People who love and believe in you.
– The opportunity to serve, help and love your friends the way they’ve helped you.
– A team keeps the momentum going.
– People help you remain FOCUSED.
– When you spiral into uncertainty, dispair, depression, rejection- People encourage you to keep going.
– People to stay strong with when you’re attacked by those who don’t want you to succeed.
– A pack of wolves is less likely to be targeted than a single wolf.
– People to share your ideas with without being discouraged and put down.
– And to experience with others the continuous progression of everyone achieving their goals.

How fucking rewarding would that be. And nurturing. And loving. And supportive.

Those who work at a company may experience this with their team members working on the same project- especially in the agile environment. It’s also why startups are so hot right now. An incredible amount of work gets done in a space like this. 

A couple months ago I started to see a Mentor and a Healer who both have me updating them weekly on the progress in my life. They encourage me, help me to generate ideas, push me further, celebrate my successes, and more than anything support me. It’s been a game changer for me because now when the outside world discourages me, I have my team that refocuses me and keeps me going.

In school, we would do our homework because we had to or we would be punished. But when we’re out of school, we’re suddenly expected to hold ourselves accountable. Complete independence is the goal, but until we’re there, it’s really nice to have people to check our homework and be proud of us for accomplishing it. 

Surround yourself with people who bring you higher. There will always be noise- criticism and vampires- not everyone wants you to succeed. And when you’re alone you’re more suseptable to these attacks. When you’re in a tribe, you’re too focused on your goals and you have too much momentum to get bogged down by this noise.

The Toronto Spirit Tribe is reformatting to create this kind of supportive environment. I am craving it and that means others out there are too. Together we’re behaving like the Masters that we are. We’re taking our power back. From victimhood to victory, we’re the ones who are coming to save us. And we don’t have to do it alone. Community is everything.

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Fulfilling Our Physical Needs for Mental and Spiritual Expansion

My Spiritual path began in early 2010-ish when I was suffering from health issues. Specifically, gallbladder attacks. I couldn’t eat anything without having an attack. I was under 100 lbs and it was recommended I have my gallbladder removed. Personally, I don’t do well with people telling me to remove my organs so I took it as a challenge to heal myself. It started with changing my diet.

I experimented with the elimination diet. This is where you eliminate EVERYTHING (basically, emphasis for drama because seriously it’s hard as f*ck) and slowly reintroduce foods back into your diet to see what affects you. I ended up not reintroducing certain foods because being on a gluten free vegan organic diet was the most supportive for me at this time. By eating this way, my body was able to take a break and detox a lifetimes worth of toxins.

Eating a very basic, clean diet allowed my Self to focus on other things. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the bottom section that all other sections depend on is Psychological Needs: food, water, warmth, rest. In order for us to have safety, love and relationships, esteem and self-actualization, we need to have our basic needs met. Eating a healthy diet is part of fulfilling our basic needs so that we can gradually grow and expand into more complex beings.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Similarly, the root chakra at the base of the spine represents survival. When our bodies aren’t fully nourished nutritionally and is being hounded with toxins and junk food, then the body is in survival mode. It isn’t able to move beyond doing repair work to express it’s full potential. Because all the chakras above depend on the health of the chakra below, we need to create a healthy environment for our Selves to grow and expand.

7 chakras in the body
7 Chakras

When my diet changed I started to develop a connection and a relationship with Spirit. I grew up Catholic with my mom telling me each night before bed in her heavy Italian accent, “say your prayers, Erika!” *kiss* However, every Sunday we would go to church and come home to my dad’s tyranny. I still remember the moment that I told God, “this is bullshit you’re not listening and I’m not talking to you anymore.” It was heartbreaking. And for over ten years I was very lonely, empty, and terrified having gone through everything that I had to go through alone.

But when my connection with Spirit started to develop again, I realized that what I rejected wasn’t God, it was religion. Spirit had been there for me all along, like a parent, watching me sleep through a nightmare and trying to wake me up. The cells in our body hold onto old memories and patterns. By detoxing, I started to flush out emotional, mental and psychological baggage as well. Everything is connected. I had taken “the red pill” and I started to wake up.

So here I am 6-ish years later with a healthy body, including a gallbladder that is healed and in tack, and an incredible spiritual maturity- just read my blog 😉 As I’ve been traveling down the rabbit hole exploring life from new perspectives, having existential crises and navigating the underworld, I, ironically, didn’t think to develop my mind at the level that I brought my body and especially my spirit. So now I question, how can optimal physical health impact my mental focus?

The mind is what we use to act. It’s how we focus our energy into creating what we want in this world. The mind is what’s responsible for envisioning our dreams and setting out to make them happen. In Tony Robbin’s “Awaken The Giant Within,” he challenges us to do a mind detox where you are aware of your thoughts the entire day and only stay focused on the positive. I couldn’t even make it a day. So I’ve met with both a nutritionist and a physical trainer, and as I strengthen my physical body further to reach its optimal health and challenge myself to a kidney flush, I’m going to do this mind detox again and see how the mental and physical relate.

As well as exercise and nutrition, other ways to nourish and fulfill yourself physically include:

– Dry brushing
– Massage
– Acuballs and acupuncture mats
– Organic body creams, essential oils and makeup
– Filtered alkaline water, I use the Akai machine
– Light daily stretching first thing in the morning, I do kundalini yoga to activate the chakras
– Restorative yoga at the end of the day
– Getting silk pillowcases and Egyptian Cotton sheets with a high thread count
– Being intimate with yourself or with someone you’re comfortable and safe with
– Snuggling an animal and enjoying their softness
– Speaking with your cells, thanking them for all that they do and sending them some love each time you shower
– Cup of tea
– Breathing exercises, just take a deep breath right now
– Trip to the spa!
– Be out in the sunshine
– Floatation tank

Do your best to enjoy being in your body. You wouldn’t be here without her. Allow and accept her as she is, and then take the initiative to change what you don’t like. The power is in your hands. We are all capable of much more than we think we are. The first step in achieving happiness and fulfillment in life is proper self care.